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Oil & Natural Gas Services

The oversight, construction management, and project coordination skills we gained as a GC in the construction field were readily transferable to the oil and natural gas markets. We train and educate our employees in many different fields of construction so we can rely on nearly anyone in the company to assist with any phase of our oil and gas operations. This, along with the fact that we keep a stockpile of materials on site, allows us to respond to any of our customers’ oil and natural gas construction demands throughout the Marcellus and Utica Shale regions as quickly as possible. We are adept to respond to, and initiate, an oil and gas project very quickly, but our fashion while working is timely. Many oil-and-gas-focused corporations are too large and too busy to provide the precision and detail necessary for the sustenance of projects, but at High Point, we value the quality of work over the quantity of it.

Concrete Construction

High Point completes concrete work for a broad range of facilities crucial to oil and natural gas recovery. Concrete construction is where we cut our teeth, and has been our mainstay for the past 18 years. In fact, our longest-standing employees all stem from this type of construction. Having experience in all phases, from foundations to well pads to large compressor stations, High Point navigates each well site seamlessly.

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Completion Support & Frac Operations

High Point’s completion support division acts as a resource for customers, contractors, and the rest of our company.

We assist with:

  • Loading & Unloading Materials
  • Setting Frac Stacks on Well Heads
  • Handling Drill Pipe & Production
  • Tubing for Drill Out & Flowback Operations
  • Maintenance

Our trained operators use:

  • Skid-Steer Loader (location maintenance)
  • 60 ft. Manlift (telescopic work platform with 60 ft. reach)
  • 12 K Telehandler (telescopic forklift with 55 ft. reach)
  • Cat 6T Dozer (pulling trucks & winter operations)
  • Light Towers (for night operations)
  • Spill Trailer (materials & tools for spill clean up)
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Transportation & Trucking

Upholding our duty to respond and perform in the oil and gas market, High Point offers trucking and transportation services for our clients. Our fleet hauls production equipment, and any other useful materials, such as wood mats. Because we offer transportation in-house and do not need to outsource, we are able to report to our clients’ job sites much faster.

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Mechanical & Pipe Fitting

High Point’s mechanical and pipe fitting division is an integral part of oil and gas production. Our accomplished laborers effectively assemble and fit well site piping, including site bolt up, threaded and welded connections, and in-shop welding fabrication. We also take control of the production equipment and well line layout. We provide any necessary excavation to ensure proper and smooth production, as well as access to lines. In fact, we have recently connected over 75 wells containing either dry gas or natural gas liquids.

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Environmental Containment

Environmental containment is a vital part of protecting and preserving our job sites and our environment. It is most effective when there are multiple layers, including both primary and secondary liners, complete with berms and barriers. High Point installs liners designed to withstand the harshest climates and terrains. Some of our top distributors include: Inland Tarp & Liner, Western Environmental Liner, and Brawler Industrial Fabrics & Liners. Our company plays a significant role in the reform of environmental containment by collaborating with leading manufacturers to improve and enhance environmental liners and other products.

Environmental liner inventoried in our yard:

  • High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Liner
  • Woven Coated Reinforced Polyethylene Liner
  • Reinforced Polypropylene (RPP) Liner

High Point supports its primary liners with secondary containment structures to capture any leaked or spilled contaminants. Our barriers serve varying client needs because we offer a range of sizes including: 8, 18, 32, and 36 inches in heights, as well as an 8-inch square high-density foam. In addition, our geotextile underlayment products have a very high tensile strength, and range in weights from 8 to 16 ounces.

High Point’s environmental containment division employees are well-rounded. With more than 30 years of experience, our superintendents and laborers have the wisdom to provide environmental containment of the appropriate size, material, and application for any drilling rig or fracking location. We are proud of our typical turnaround time of two to four hours after a customer requests environmental containment services from us, and we uphold strict quality control (QC) standards.

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When it comes to bulk excavation services, High Point has the workforce, equipment, and diligence to do it all. Because of our location and widespread service area along the Great Appalachian Valley, we have mastered challenging mountainous terrains, and are able to successfully handle virtually any excavation project.

We have built a reputation for completing jobs properly the first time, yet we will follow-up with corrective and/or conservation services on our own job sites and others as needed. We make sure our efforts outlast the sands of time.

Our excavation service capabilities include:

  • Slip Repair
  • Well Pad Construction
  • Compressor Pad Construction
  • Water Impoundment Construction
  • Access Roads
  • Mass Earth Grading
  • Frac Pit Construction
  • Roadway Maintenance & Repair
  • Site Development
  • Reclamation
  • Routine Maintenance
  • Snow Removal
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Safety Credentials

Additional Qualifications

  • Veriforce Trained
  • SafeLandUSA Certified
  • Outreach Training Program, OSHA 10
  • Aquatic Resources Education Program
  • Wetland Delineation, Wetland Training Institute, Inc.

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